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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: Teacher adoption and adaptation

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Subject:   Adoption and adaptation of older innovations
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 10 2003
Thanks George for the references. In the research I have conducted, the top four
types of barriers that teachers gave to them being able to reuse and adapt
interactive online resources for math were: (1) lack of time, (2) lack of
reliable access to needed technology, (3) lack of skills, (4) difficulty finding
appropriate teaching resources.

Of course each of these barriers must be unpacked. For example, the lack of time
barrier includes lack of time to find appropriate resources, time to incorporate
them into a plan for teaching, class time in their schedules (they are already
so full), time to introduce technology, time to have students reflect and so on.
Time may also represent other issues as well.

In posing my question about past research, my assumption is that when older
though not so much older innovations were introduced into classrooms, the issues
we now face trying to introduce math tools into the classroom were then faced by
others and that those issues were studied. For example, is there good research
on the introduction of graphing calculators into the classroom? I realize that
for this example the adoption process is ongoing, but that there it has reached
a stage of widespread use.

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