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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: "Graphing Calculator" Software

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Subject:   Favorite Web Sites
Author: Chuck
Date: Sep 14 2003
A web site that has been very effective for me is Famous Curves from the
University of St. Andrew's, Scotland:
My students study parametric and polar equations in Advanced Placement Calculus
BC.  I use the Ostebee/Zorn text, and when introducing parametric equations the
authors say "Parametric curves come in mind-boggling variety. ... beauiful,
useful, interesting, or all three."  At this point I lead my students to the
above site.  I expect them to become familiar with some standard curves such as
the ellipse and Folium of Descartes, but almost all the students investigate far
more than the required few.
Links to numerous such curve applets can be found on the JavaSketchpad home page ; for example, the awsome
collection at

I put these URL on my course web page.

These illustrations open up a whole new world of mathematics potential for my

Charles E. Oelsner
Syracuse, New York


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