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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Copyright and copying wrongs

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Subject:   copyright
Author: Gayla
Date: Sep 17 2003
I think that when any person uses the words, ideas, or creations of another
person, credit is due to that person.  If it ever comes to my attention that
someone uses a photo of mine without giving me credit for it, that person (or
group as the case may be) will hear from me about it.  I recently ran across a
photo that was used without my permission, but it was okay, because I was given
credit.  It's an issue of integrity that applies to everyone.  I think that
teachers, however, probably have broader use privileges under the law provided
that appropriate credit is given for said words, ideas, or creations.  I've been
of the opinion that most people follow these kinds of standards, not as a matter
of copyright law so much as to act ethically.

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