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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Copyright and copying wrongs

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Subject:   Thanks! and Creative Commons
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 22 2003
Thanks Gayla for your posts, they have been very stimulating to read. Thanks to
you I just spent a half an hour looking at Tom's photographs and am now using
one as my background. Amazing work!

I appreciate your enthusiasm for allowing and providing conditions where
children can discover mathematical concepts in the world around them.

A natural extension as this discussion of copyright is what if you want people
to be able to reuse and adapt stuff, and you don't want people to have to
contact you to ask you if they can. One option is state the terms of use
explicitly on your web page. However, the issues can be confusing to authors and

Creative Commons ( ) is an organization based at
Stanford Law School working on providing a simple formalized solution to this
problem. They are working to create licenses that are alternatives to copyright
and to establish well recognized symbols to represent the alternative

The three main issues their licenses currently deal with are:

-Require attribution?
-Allow commercial uses of your work?
-Allow modifications of your work?

See for more information.

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