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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Calculus and its applications
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Subject:   Calculus : Polynomial Differentiation
Author: Sione
Date: Nov 17 2003

May you would be interested in the applet for
"Polynomial Differentiation" I developed which
is found here:

It does not plot the graph, but it does the
calculation of turning points, region of concavity,
extremum points.



On Nov 17, 2003, lynn wrote:

New Topic

I am  struggling with  chapter 3 and wondered if there was  anyone  who had
worked through the book by Bittinger.

Also is there any software  where  you can submit the following for example and
works out the   answer:

find the relative extrema of the function, list in ordered pairs and sketch
f(x)=xsquared -4x-5


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