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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: help quick

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Subject:   RE: help quick
Author: Eric Goolish
Date: May 2 2004
If you plot the points on a cartensian plane, you can find the length of each
side of the quadrilateral by using pythagorean's theorem.  For instance, the
segment created by points (4,2) and (2,-6), call it A, can be the hypotenus of
a triangle with height 8 and base 2.  Then the length of A is just sqrt(8^2 +
2^2).  If you do this for all four segments (sides of quad), then sum the
lengths and you will get the perimeter.  For my sides I got, sqrt(2^2 + 8^2),
sqrt(7^2 + 2^2), sqrt(5^2 + 9^2), sqrt(1^2 + 10^2).  Add them up, and you should
be good to go!

I forgot the distance formula, so that is why I did it this way, but I think
this is the same as the distance formula anyways.  If you draw it out using my
method, you should have the quadrilateral lying inside of a rectangle, with the
quadrilateral touching the rectangle at the 4 points you provided.

Sorry it's lengthy and wordy, hope it helps.  I hope it's correct too, barring
any arithmetic errors.  :)


If you want further help, just post again and i'll try and clear up any

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