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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Math maturity

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Subject:   RE: Math maturity
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 3 2004
On Aug  3 2004, moursund wrote:

Finally, I
> have a relatively good understanding of the idea that students first
> learn to read, and then they read to learn. Many students make this
> transition by the beginning of the fourth grade. I am interested in
> teachers' insights into the same idea, but for math. Students learn
> math. At what stage in their math learning are they able to "math to
> learn?" What roles might Math Tools and/or other aspects of
> computers make in hastening this transition from learning math to
> mathing to learn (math and other subjects)?

Wow, what a question.  I know that by college physics I was in the "math to
learn" mode... but I'm not sure I was much before that.  In my high school (with
a very talented student population), I'm not sure that many of them reach that
level by graduation.  I like this idea of "math to learn," and I have "preached"
using math (particularly in my Statistics class) to make sense of the world in
just about every assignment and assessment.  I'd like to think about this
question and reflect on it from time to time over the course of the next school

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