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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: Mathematical maturity and lower-order knowledge & skills

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Subject:   RE: maturity, creativity and intuition
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Aug 5 2004
Perhaps mathematical maturity has many of the same components as psychological
maturity - namely an ability not to get fazed by minor setbacks and to step back
and see through the trees to the shape of the forest as a whole. This also makes
it easier to recognize parallels between different areas, and a lot of what we
consider creative involves applying an old idea in a new context. So in fact I
think Craig's exception (cited below) is closer to being the rule, and
intuition often is based on the recognition (perhaps not consciously) of a
parallel to some other experience which may or may not have ever been formally
expressed in mathematical terms.

On Aug  4 2004, Craig wrote:
> ....
> I agree with Moursund that math
> intuition can't be a result of applying the same solution technique
> as a result of repetition... except for, possibly, the "repetition"
> of making quick connections to earlier problem solving skills and
> experiences.  From that standpoint, having the intuitor explain will
> also build on that "success base," furthering chance of "intuition"
> in a later setting.

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