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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: Triangle Constructions

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Subject:   RE: Triangle Constructions
Author: Gale75
Date: Jun 20 2011
On Jun 20 2011, Gale75 wrote:
> While the technology is good, many standard constructions can be
> done with paper folding (altitudes, angle bisectors, medians, and
> perpendicular bisectors).  

On the other hand, to construct the
> triangle itself, D-Stix or constructions paper (cut to various
> lengths and punch a hole in for brads) can be used easily.  Most
> students can measure with a protractor (or taught to do so).  When
> you are given an angle, tape the parts down.  When you don't know
> the length of a side, use the longest piece you have and tell
> students that they do not need to reach the end.  I challenge
> students to try to make one that is different.  When they think they
> have one, trace it on an old piece of transparency (which can be
> flipped easily, when necessary) for comparison.  Just when they
> think that 2 pieces of info are ALWAYS enough, I given them a SSA
> set that produces two different ones.

I meant three pieces of information, although for a RIGHT triangle, two pieces
are sufficient (at least 1 side) because you have a 90 degree angle already.

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