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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Help: generating algorithm

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Subject:   Help: generating algorithm
Author: IntX
Date: Oct 23 2004
Hello everyone...
This is my first post to a math forum.
I really do not know if the solution to my problem is even possible.

What I have are 4 computer generated 12-digit numbers. A pattern exists.
I want to find that pattern and be able to generate more 12-digit numbers in
that pattern.
Is this possible??
Do I need more 12-digit numbers to predict the pattern??
Please help how to go about this problem.

The 4 12-digit numbers are...
9993 6253 2771
9993 6291 8694
9993 6225 2083
9993 6241 7012

The first 6 digits are being repeated '9993 62'. So the numbers generated out of
a successful algorithm would start with these 6 digits.


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