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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Help: generating algorithm

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Subject:   RE: Help: generating algorithm
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 24 2004
At the outset, I'm not an expert, and might easily miss the point here entirely.
So take this for what it's worth please; at least an effort to help.

I can see that a random number generator can not be perfectly random, which
implies some sort of pattern, however complex.  I can also see that a function
[pattern, algorithm] of some sort can generate a few numbers.  However, a
one-to many relationship does not determine a many-to-one.  That is, in
simple terms [that I can understand] a parabolic function can generate three
points, [and more].  However, it requires four to determine a particular
parabola.  I don't have any idea of the complexity of an algorithm to generate
pseudo-random numbers, but I doubt it can be readily determined from just four
generated values.

That is; if a pattern evolves from four numbers, and equally pattern quite
different could also contain the same numbers, unless there are other


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