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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Fractions, concept and calculations

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Subject:   RE: Fractions, concept and calculations
Author: ihor
Date: Nov 4 2004
> Like the athelete claims ...No pain, no gain. You should have stuck with

I did! Three years! Wasn't that punishment enough for me? What I wanted to do
was to play baseball which I had to give up on Saturday mornings because to my
parents my music lessons came first. As it turns out I did become a pretty good
baseball player (through lots of self motivated drill and practice) despite my
late start. What was the difference? I loved to play (and worked very hard to
get better at it) because I had "teachers" who saw my talent and knew how to
encourage it. To this day I don't think I have any music talent. It's too bad I
didn't meet up with some adult who thought differently about me.

> That's why they should practice doing fractions.

Yes, but if my math teachers were like my music teacher, I probably would have
wound up in another profession. It's sad to think about how many people on this
planet don't think they can "do" math and fractions I believe is a major
contributor to this malaise.


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