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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa

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Subject:   RE: Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 6 2005
On Jan  6 2005, Gurmohan wrote:
> On Jan  6 2005, Mathman wrote:
> On Jan  6 2005, Gurmohan wrote:
> I am looking for math sites or
> tools explaining fractions and
> decimals and how one kind is
> converted into other. I find
> explains these topics in quite
> > > unique way. Yet, I would like to know of more places if any one
> of
> > you have some to suggest.

The thing that I like in it is the fact that whatever
> conversions you give it to do for you it does animate the steps
> involved and not just throw a typed/hardcoded page in front of you.
> As regards the password, yes you need a passworded account, but the
> membership is free. Just fill up a short form, about half-a-dozen
> fields and it will open its doors for you.

Sorry, but there are too many personal questions in the form, and I keep such to
an absolute minimum. I see no reason for them to have any information other than
a possible email address.

What I will do is continue the discussion to see if I can find anything you
might find useful and pass it along.  I do spreadshets but they just generate
random problems, no "animation".  Either way, there comes a time, or some point,
when the students must do the work on paper, and it is as well to continue it
there, I think, with some more perseverence than would be required with a more
advanced class.  I've been there, having taught all grades, all levels.  I still
recall the one boy asking how to do something using a calculator.  I explained.
He said, "Please show me again."  I did.  He sent away and did about 500 of
them.  The next day, "Sir, could you show me how to do that again?"  You gotta
love 'em.


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