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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: geometry

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Subject:   RE: geometry
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 6 2005
On May 20 2004, jon wrote:
> I remember rifling through the sites here a while ago and only
> finding some of the Japanese sites on polygon and polygon angle
> relationships.  When I went back home, I found a link that I had
> saved from before that I liked.  It might be nice to have these on
> the mathtools site as well.  (at least I'm pretty sure they're not
> on the site)  They offer a slightly different perspective than the
> Japanese, and I think the questions they have are better worded.
> -jon

Geometers' Sketchpad, CaR, and other software do similar imagery.  One major
problem I have is that people tend to accept this as proof, whereas it is more
properly demonstration.  The actual proof is not that difficult, and is in fact
introductory in the study of geometry, and I'd rather see such demonstrations
used for more difficult concepts.

That's just an opinion from an old-school addict who loves Euclid.

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