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Discussion: Software Help
Topic: Great Math Software

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Subject:   RE: Great Math Software
Author: vms
Date: Apr 3 2005
On Apr  3 2005, Mathman wrote:
> On Apr  2 2005, vms wrote:
> my idea is to facilitate the students
> to
> submit assignment online with out using much typing our
> > system in india needs the student 'write' his answer than 'type'
> his
> answer


Do they have the facilities to
> scan what they have written?  [Otherwise how else would they send
> their written work to you and avoid typing?] If so, the image can be
> "printed" to a PDF file for easy viewing and also generally making
> it a smaller file.  Such a file is then readable or printable at
> your end.  There are several free programs for producing PDF files.
> David.

yeah some of them have the facility of scanning, most of them can courier the
scripts and I even tried to suggest that they take a snap shot with their webcam
and send it as an attachment .... all this require some money and an extra
effort from the students side...which may not really encourage the students to
submit their assignments through web

In the method that I am thinking the student spends the least time on a question
for a given problem ... I identify the most important and crucial steps to
communicate the solution and create few more such steps looking like the ones
that are important ...jumble all of them... ask the student to identify the
correct steps with their correct order ...

this will help the students solve their problem in writing (as required for
their board exam) and will take very less time in submitting the solution and
looks like a puzzle but not as big maths problem....

it may also give a clue to the students those who can not really solve the
problem... i will be happy if the student can get a clue from the jumbled
answers I gave and encouraged to submit the answer....

thank you for your interaction and inputs....


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