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Topic: 3D grapher required

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Subject:   RE: 3D grapher required
Author: Gord
Date: Apr 10 2005
We have an integrated Math-Science-Tech-Computer class which runs at the
grade 9 level. It is a project driven (mostly) attempt to challenge our stronger

A few years back I was doing the Math and team teaching the Tech components
during the "Space" unit. We used POV-Ray to develop spatial sense and learn a
little bit about solids at the same time. Pairs of students worked to render
individual components of the International Space Station. I then used my
expertise to combine these into a larger image of the ISS.

One student really got hooked on the program and spent a lot of spare time
teaching himself about textures and the more complicated aspects of the program.
He did some nice work.

Unfortunately, that was a few years and a computer or two ago and I cannot
locate the files or I would share the images here.

president 2004-2005
ontario association for mathematics education

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