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Topic: Launch of Data Games - free online web app

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Subject:   Launch of Data Games - free online web app
Author: rgaston
Date: Nov 9 2012
KCP Technologies has launched a new website “," offering free
access to Data Games. Data Games is a web application that embeds simple games
in a data analysis environment. It is intended for use in mathematics classrooms
grades 7 to 12.

Students play a game which generates data that students must analyze to win the
game. There are currently six games with supporting materials. For each game and
activity, there are short videos for students introducing the game, a video for
teachers explaining the mathematics and pedagogy, a student worksheet, and
teacher guidelines that correlate the activity to the Common Core State
Standards for Mathematics. The goal for all the activities is to enhance
students’ mathematical abilities and give them valuable experience in working
with data.

The Data Games software and website have been developed through a collaborative,
NSF-funded project at KCP Technologies and U Mass-Amherst since Fall 2009.
The data analysis environment is based on the Fathom® Dynamic Data and
TinkerPlots® Dynamic Data Exploration desktop software tools distributed through
Key Curriculum.

Please try out the free games and materials and share your feedback with us!

Rick Gaston
Research and Project Manager
KCP Technologies
Emeryville, CA

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