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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Flying through Functions

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Subject:   RE: Flying through Functions
Author: nsp
Date: Oct 25 2005
Hi Bethany!   I found the info. in chapters 1 & 2 of the articles to be so true.
I think I have made lots of progress in the use of the graphing calculator all
the way through my courses, but I know that I still have more to learn.  I am
doing more multi-representational teaching than ever but it has taken me years
to make the transition.  I'm not even completely there yet but my mindset has
changed and I'm making progress.  The function flyer is going to be a great tool
for teaching students to connect the various forms of a function.  I signed up
for this workshop hoping to stay informed of teaching methods and trends that
are producing student success.  I am a 23 year teacher and can really say that
my classroom now is very different from those beginning years.  I want to
incorporate technology and need assistance, support, and consistent inservice to
feel comfortable making these transitions.  Thanks for this opportunity.

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