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Topic: 3D grapher required

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Subject:   RE: 3D grapher required
Author: DaveR
Date: Mar 15 2006
On Mar 13 2006, Mathman wrote:
> On Mar 12 2006, DaveR wrote:
> Try OneStone Math

Thanks, but
> that's not the freeware I was looking for. Also, I don't have a
> PocketPC.

To download the trial version, view a demo, or
> purchase a registration key, click here or on the 'PocketPC' link at
> left.

R Parris' "peanut software" from Exeter college
> comes close.



1) OneStone Math is available for both desktop Windows machines as well as the


OneStone® Math system requirements:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server;
high-color monitor (minimum 16-bit color depth);
an OpenGL-capable video board;
1.6 MB of disk space.


2) If the $50 USD retail is really out of your price range, there's a freeware
tool also available, built with the same graphics and math engines as the retail
programs. See . The MAA recently
published this tool at .


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