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Topic: New Animated Flatland Movie coming soon!!

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Subject:   New Animated Flatland Movie coming soon!!
Author: Ash274
Date: May 24 2006

“Flatland: The Movie” is based on Edwin A. Abbott’s classic novel Flatland: A
Romance of Many Dimensions. Flatland is a world that exists entirely on a
two-dimensional plane.

All different kinds of shapes live, work and play in this world. This is the
story of how Arthur Square and his six-sided granddaughter Hex travel to a
world that most Flatlanders consider ridiculous and blasphemous -- the 3rd

Flatland will be a thirty minute animated story that includes action, drama, and
geometry lessons. This heartfelt movie challenges audiences to grasp the
limitations of our own assumptions about reality , and to think about the
problem of higher dimensions.

Production is scheduled to last six months and the project will deliver in the
fall of 2006.

The program will be part of an education DVD to be used by teachers in the
classroom and may also appear on television.

The project is the brain-child of the creative triumvirate of Jeffrey Travis,
Dano Johnson,and Seth Caplan. The three have been long time fans of the novel
and it’s a dream come true for them to finally adapt it into a motion


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