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Topic: 3D grapher required

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Subject:   RE: 3D grapher required
Author: nextstep
Date: Jun 14 2006
On Apr  6 2005, Mathman wrote:
> Hi,

I'm trying to assist a colleague and at the same time satisfy
> my own curiosity.  I have already available some hefty software for
> producing graphs of multiple 3D functions and allowing easy rotation
> either with keyboard or mouse [prefereable.]  The intent here is to
> graph a system of three planes in 3D [i.e. 3 equations, 3
> variables], to have them show as filled planes, not just mesh, show
> numbered axes, and to be able to rotates to see relative position
> and intersections if any.  I'd have died for this when teaching
> vector algebra.  There is a number of free programs that will graph
> a single function and behave satisfactorily, but I've seen none free
> to do the above for three planes, and I've ben lookin a longtime now
> off an on.  If anyone knows of any such free programs I'd
> apprecaiate knowing.  The reason for a need for free is to teach to
> students who simply can not afford the larger programs like Maple,
> Mupad etc.  Also they are far more than the students will need.  I
> think there is a real need for a program like Mupad, but with more
> limited functionality, as needed for high school studies.  The
> larger programs are geared more for college/university studies.
> Thanks.


Try K3DSurf at :

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