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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Welcome NSDL workshop users next week

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Subject:   Welcome NSDL workshop users next week
Author: SteveW
Date: Jun 23 2006
Hello fellow MathTools community members,

Next week we'll be working with about 35 middle school teachers and teacher
leaders, half from Houston, TX, and half from Philadelphia, PA. We hope you will
support and join them as they learn about tools for the classroom and their use
for developing algebraic reasoning with their students.

Some of you may remember the feelings of shyness, caution, and uncertainty about
participating in such an online community and we look forward to the gracious,
resourceful, and thoughtful comments that make this a productive and inviting
place in its best moments.

By Monday we will post a link to the agenda and activities for the week so that
you may benefit from this program as well and join us in our investigations.
There will be some specific structured opportunities for joint discusssion. One
of the first is planned for Monday, June 26th, shortly after noon, Eastern time,
to discuss the position-time tool:
from the Trips software, (Clements, Nemirovsky, and Sarama (1996)) featured by

All the best,

Steve Weimar
The Math Forum @ Drexel

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