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Discussion: Developer's Area
Topic: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool

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Subject:   RE: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 7 2006
On Sep  6 2006, nextstep wrote:
> Hi all,
A new windows version is available at :
Enjoy :).

Is that the -056 alpha version?  I see a Windows option listed at the bottom
in the middle of other downloads.

A suggestion: One of the major general problems with open source material is the
difficulty for non-nerds to find and download and install the executable
programs, often hidden on-site among source material and such.  Such
operations could be much more direct in nature to appeal to the average user.
For some, it has to hit them in the face; top of the page, with a big "DOWNLOAD
HERE" sort of icon.

In passing ...still nice work, thank you.  I will be sending this along to my
colleagues, and playing with it a little myself to check possibilities.  Again
thank you for a fine effort.


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