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Topic: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool

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Subject:   RE: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool
Author: Solin
Date: Oct 11 2006
Hi Taha,
    Thank you very much for your zeal.
    Yesterday I introduced your software to my workmates,they are surprised
about its wonderful graphs.
    Here, I have some questions needing your help,
    (1)What does the item "CND" mean?(I'm sorry for my poor english)
    (2)Can I draw some points on the curve?
    (3)Do you have the plan that the uesrs of K3DSurf can get intercepts of two
    I have others ideas which now can not,and will be expressd here because of
my poor english.
    Thank you again.

On Oct 10 2006, nextstep wrote:
> Hi Solin,
Thank you for your message and I'm glad you like K3DSurf
> :). Moreover, we are happy to know that there is some users in the
> great contry of China : Internet is really a magic world :).
> hesitate to give us your suggestions or questions about some of it's
> features, there still a lot to do, correct or improve.
> i wish i
> could be one of your friends.
Be sure we are more than happy to
> count you already as one of our friends.
Thank you again.

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