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Topic: Educational Math Games

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Subject:   RE: Educational Math Games
Author: lovemom
Date: Dec 29 2016
On Mar 11 2014, snezana90 wrote:
> Hello guys!

Since lots of kids nowadays spend much time playing
> games, my team and I have decided to mix up pleasure, fun and
> knowledge and design some math games. Our latest one is Zeus vs.
> Monsters. It is a combination of math and Greek mythology. With its
> three levels of difficulty, it is adapted to children K-5 and it has
> a section for educators which offers a full statistical insight so
> that the progress of a player can be monitored and help offered with
> aread in need of improvement.

For more information, check out
> the game on iTunes:
> monsters-cool-educational/id820176211

If you like it, you can
> download it for free.

Please, let us know how beneficial this is
> to your younger siblings or children. Any comments, suggestions or
> questions are much welcomed.

Hi thanks for sharing is awesome


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