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Topic: Rotating functions about lines

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Subject:   RE: Rotating functions about lines
Author: Jean-Jacques
Date: Apr 23 2007
On Apr  5 2007, Math Goddess wrote:
> Is there a site where you can enter a function to rotate it about a
> line to illustrate volumes of solids of revolution?  I can find
> examples but none that you can interact with.

Is there software??
It is possible to do that with Cabri 3D; I have shown that during my
presentation in Chicago (T3) and you can read the paper in which you have the
If you need the files I have presented I can send them. With the plug in of
Cabri 3D you can insert these files in a word document in a powerpoint
presentation or in a web site.
It is also possible to do that in another way with Autograph:
You can see what is possible with it in some turbo-demo online very well
Jean-Jacques Dahan

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