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Topic: Rotating functions about lines

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Subject:   RE: Rotating functions about lines
Author: stek
Date: Apr 23 2007
> On Apr  5 2007, Math Goddess wrote:
> Is there a site where you can enter a function to rotate it about a line to
illustrate volumes of solids of revolution?  I can find examples but none that
you can interact with.

On Apr 23 2007, Jean-Jacques wrote:
>Is there software?? It is possible to do that with Cabri 3D; <snip>

If you have Sketchpad, take a look at either of the resources below. Both let
you create and view wireframes of solids of revolution, animate to form
individual disks and shells, change the function being rotated, and so

Exploring Calculus with The Geometer's Sketchpad: see Aroundx.gsp and
Aroundy.gsp, both in the supplementary material on the CD
( )

Calculus in Motion by Audrey Weeks: http: see Volumes by Revolution.gsp
( )


Scott Steketee
Sketchpad Projects

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