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Topic: problem solving

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Subject:   RE: problem solving
Author: khaled
Date: Jul 25 2008
On Apr  1 2007, scampie wrote:
> I am interested in programs or workshops developed using visual
> tools or graphic organizers to solve math problems for elementary K-
> 8 students. I am familiar with Go Solve (Tom Snyder) and Think
> Blocks. Please let me know if others exist.

It seems very interesting how you conduct your classes; i think it would be best
if you put a bid for the design of the math tools you have in mind; this is
,ofcoarse, if you have a clear idea about what do you want the tools to do and
how it should operate,also you should secure the deal with an education
publisher to finance the project.I design software tools for high school and
engineering math and other than math i also design education physics
software.But i encourage you to post a bid and i will apply for it. good luck

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