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Topic: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files

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Subject:   RE: Best Desktop Publisher for Geometer's Sketchpad Files
Author: stek
Date: Aug 13 2008
Hi Craig,

No matter what program you are pasting into, you will have better results by
using Sketchpad's Export Preferences to set the Clipboard Image Scaling higher
than 100%. (To get to this option, hold down the Shift key and choose Edit |
Advanced Preferences.)

For the Sketchpad Reference Manual, I set Clipboard Image Scaling to 400%. I
then copied the Sketchpad images, pasted them into Word, and reduced them to the
desired scale.

The reason for doing this is to get more accurate placement of objects. Objects
are drawn on the screen at screen-pixel resolution. Printer resolution is much
higher, and at this higher resolution the rounding of coordinates to screen
resolution can cause distortion. Exporting at higher resolution and then scaling
back reduces this distortion. (It also makes lines and circles thinner. This is
usually acceptable even at the 400% setting, but on some images I made the lines
and circles thick before copying them.)

Though we used Word to produce the Sketchpad Reference Manual, the same
principles should apply for any desktop publishing program (Quark, InDesign,
PageMaker, FrameMaker, and so forth).


Scott Steketee
Sketchpad Projects

On Aug 11 2008, Geomaster wrote:
> Does anyone know the best desktop publisher for compiling Geometer's
> Sketchpad drawings into a single document?

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