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Discussion: Developer's Area
Topic: Mathematical collaboration tools

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Subject:   RE: Mathematical collaboration tools
Author: Geoff Roulet
Date: Sep 5 2009
If you are conducting a synchronous discussion and wish to have tools that exist
on your computer, or on the computer of anyone within the group you could use
one of a number of application sharing packages or services such as Elluminate
( ).  I have used Elluminate Live! to conduct collaboration
using Geometer’s Sketchpad and Geogebra.  Elluminate Live! supports synchronous
VOIP communication, text messaging, and a standard whiteboard that can be
replaced by the screen of any of the computers within the group.  Control of
this application on one computer can then be shared with others in the group.
Elluminate will permit you to set up a V-room (virtual room) for three people
for free on their corporate server.  For larger groups you need to either
purchase the software and run it on your server or purchase hosting from

Geoff Roulet
Queen’s University at Kingston

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