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Topic: Mathematical collaboration tools

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Subject:   RE: Mathematical collaboration tools
Author: rfant
Date: Sep 25 2009
On Aug 29 2009, karajo wrote:
> Hi,
I'm looking for online tools for online collaboration about
> mathematical issues. Is there some conference / whiteboward ,etc.
> tool that includes equation editors, geometry support, latex support
> etc.?

I know the EXACT tool you are looking for!   It is called "Edoboard."
I am beta testing it right now and would love to introduce you to it by taking
you on a tour.  All the questions you have will either be answered and
demonstrated or I will send it (and any other suggestions) to the

Edoboard features:  Audo/video conferencing, equation editor (TeX / LaTeX),
graphing calculator, coordinate axes, geometric shapes, text and pen tools, line
tool, multiple whiteboards (tabbed), etc, etc..

If you would like a demo, please email me (, or Skype:
rfantster   and we can set-up an appointment.

Can't wait to hear from you, I know you're going to love this tool.


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