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Topic: Random Number Generator

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Subject:   RE: Random Number Generator
Author: Pairn
Date: Apr 14 2010
On Apr 14 2010, Rod+1 wrote:
> I have been using a random number generator in one form or another
> in my classes for years. I use it for asking questions (no hands up
> - if your number comes up, you have a go), allocating students into
> groups, and even generating questions. (They are also handy for
> generating data for statistics exercises! :)

I decided to write a
> generator that I could use to generate a unique array of numbers (no
> replacement) and also normalrandom numbers (replaced).

I have
> posted a copy at my website for others to use.
>    Regards  Rod

Thanks a million,

I am a student teacher and this is agood tool for giving a message, "You better
pay attention! Technology can call on you any time!!"
Parin from NJ.

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