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Discussion: Developer's Area
Topic: Geometer's Sketchpad

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Subject:   RE: Geometer's Sketchpad
Author: stek
Date: Apr 28 2010
On Apr 27 2010, SharonRose wrote:

> Thanks for your response. I was interested in
> taking a course in person in the Philadelphia, PA area. Is there a
> list of cities or areas where a course is available during the
> summer months? I am aware of the on-line course. However, the six
> week restriction poses some problems.

Hi Sharon,

I'm not aware of any such plans at this time in the Philadelphia area, even
though I'm also in Philly. Please contact me off-list (stek AT kcptech DOT
com) so I have your email address and can let you know of anything I learn. I'd
actually love to help organize a Philadelphia-area Sketchpad Users Group,
perhaps with monthly meetings, to encourage sharing of materials and


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