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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: Kray
Date: Jul 23 2010
Just got the SmartBoard, and also teach AP Stats (YMS 2nd ed) plus AlgII.

What resources have you found/created?

On Jun  8 2005, Dan Hanson wrote:
> This fall I'm going to be using the Smart Board in my high school
> math classes(I teach AP Statistics, Math Models/College Algebra, and
> Geometry).  For those who may not know, Smart Board is a brand of
> interactive whiteboard; it basically turns the white board into a
> very large computer screen. Rather than a mouse you use "pens" and
> "Erasers" to create images on the screen, plus you also do anything
> else you might do on a pc display such as load images, programs like
> Sketchpad or Excel, etc.

If anyone has used a Smart Board I'd be
> grateful for any advice or helpful URL's they could offer... I'm
> also interested in finding a way to emulate the TI-83+ on a
> PC/SmartBoard.

I'm a bit nervous about this; while I think it
> will make a GREAT teaching tool I'm afraid it will require a LOT of
> prep to be really effective.  

Thanks, in advance....

> Hanson
Bishop Lynch High School
Dallas, TX

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