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Topic: New on-line Algebra tool

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Subject:   RE: New on-line Algebra tool
Author: deva
Date: Aug 11 2010
I am a mathematician  with somewhat  well known  in the world  of Number
Two  published  papers  to  my  credit.  Besides  pl  refer to  sequences
A123239, A104016, A104017  etc  for a  start.  I  also  teach  students  upto
12th  level.  Am  interested  in  your  software;  how   do I  download it?
Have Compaq  with  windows  xp.

Looking  forward to  your reply  (devaraj  <>)

On Aug  9 2010, KennyTilton wrote:
> I am gradually rolling out a Web-based version of my desktop
> application  for practicing Algebra. Still a ways to go (and from
> time to time the site will be down), but most of the functionality
> is there. It is not ready for prime time but I would be interested
> in some feedback so I thought I would check in with this select
> group. It's free for now and the next few months but will likely end
> up with a nominal fee for a year's use or something like that; have
> not really thought that far ahead. Registration is needed only to
> reach some of the content and even then you do not have to provide a
> real email.

Here's the link:
> Look for the "Try it now!" tab to the left.

Cheers, ken

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