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Topic: New on-line Algebra tool

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Subject:   RE: New on-line Algebra tool
Author: Geonzy
Date: Aug 11 2010
On Aug  9 2010, KennyTilton wrote:
> I am gradually rolling out a Web-based version of my desktop
> application  for practicing Algebra. Still a ways to go (and from
> time to time the site will be down), but most of the functionality
> is there. It is not ready for prime time but I would be interested
> in some feedback so I thought I would check in with this select
> group. It's free for now and the next few months but will likely end
> up with a nominal fee for a year's use or something like that; have
> not really thought that far ahead. Registration is needed only to
> reach some of the content and even then you do not have to provide a
> real email.

Here's the link:
> Look for the "Try it now!" tab to the left.

Cheers, ken

I'm trying to navigate it ... this is basically worksheets where you type in the
answer and get feedback?

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