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Topic: Flash project idea?

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Subject:   Flash project idea?
Author: Suzanne
Date: May 3 2004
Hi Developers,

Recently I have been updating this site that the Math Forum hosts for Jon

   10 Lessons in Fractals, Complex Patterns, and Chaos

I started working with Jon over two years ago developing these pages. Lisa
Brown, an honors students at Drexel University, initially wrote the pages and
started writing some of the Flash programs. Jon just sent me some updated .exe
files which we now have in place and it made me realize that there are some
Flash programs that were never finished.

Is there anyone who would like to try their hand at these? Maybe you work with
students learning Flash who could use some project ideas? As you can see from
the chart we need a Flash equivalent for Prog #3 (a-f), Prog 5d, Prog 7 (a -
g), Prog 9, and Prog 10.


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