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Topic: Test preparation software.

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Subject:   Test preparation software.
Author: mrgrape
Date: Feb 28 2012
Hello. My name is James Cox and I am a two-year college math teacher
specializing in developmental and transitional mathematics. Recently I updated
the Java software I use to prepare written tests. After some consideration I
decided to share it with other math teachers who might also find use for such

The application is 'mattsmathtools' and it is at sourceforge-dot-net.

Targeted technologies are OpenOffice/LibreOffice, MathML Presentation, SVG, and
JavaScript but MathTools certainly is not limited to that.

If you are interested in such a package, please download it and help me
stress-test it. It's currently stable-beta and I would certainly appreciate
any feedback!

The app itself is an executable JAR and requires Java 1.6+.



P.S. This post is NOT intended as an advertisement, merely a request for help.

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