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Subject:   (no subject)
Author: Sonny
Date: Jul 2 2004
I find ONLINE no interactive JavaScript programs for arithmetic and geometric
I'm stymied in trying to correct this. I have a simple workable for-loop
program (HTML w/o
explicit JavaScript) with pre-set parameters. (Program 1; see nelow.) Then
I've tried to write
one for inserted parameters. I modified an addition program I found ONLINE. This
program works for three inputs without a for-loop, and yields a single term of
a progression.
(Program 2; see below.) But I get into trouble imbedding a for-loop in Program
2, to write an AP
of several terms. These three programs are ONLINE at . I'm an 84-yr-old
programmer, needing help. I'd give full credit ONLINE for a solution. I only
wish to fill the gap
I described.

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