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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: writing formulas in web pages

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Subject:   writing formulas in web pages
Author: polarprof
Date: Nov 19 2003
Have you had any trouble inserting math formulas in your web pages? I too. I
experimented with images, applets and MathML. Eventually I found the simplest
way is HTML with CSS.
If you want to experiment this, go at this address:

You have to write your formula in line in the textbox
Formula, then you press CREATE HTML button, and in the central textarea you'll
see the HTML code, and below it the formula as it will appear on your page.
Pressing COPY HTML button you copy the HTML code in the Windows clipboard, and
then you can paste it into your web page (at the source level).
The syntax you should use to write the formula is described in this page:
where the examples are self-explicating.
If someone tries it, I would appreciate suggestions,
complains, etc.

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