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Discussion: Dimenxian tool
Topic: First Impressions of Dimenxian
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Subject:   RE: First Impressions of Dimenxian
Author: lynnvm
Date: Oct 3 2006

I learned about Dimenxian when I attended the 2005 Serious Games Summit and knew
immediately that it would work well within the context of an after-school math
tutorial program. It is good to use with an interactive whiteboard to explain
some important math concepts - before the students have a chance to play the

I'm not a math teacher.  I'm a school psychologist who has worked with many
students who can't learn math the way it is taught.  I've tutored math with
students with learning and attention deficits, so I am very familiar with the
homework math teachers typically assign.

There are some middle and high schools have after school game-making clubs.  A
popular program is GameMaker. The Game Maker's Apprentice is the name of the
textbook, I think.  Students learn quite a bit of math   as they learn how to
make games.

If you would like more information about "serious games" and interactive
multimedia technology, please visit the following links:

Wayang Outpost (On-line Math Game- not as flashy as Dimenxian)

Serious Games Summit

Universal Design for Learning (CAST)

Interactive Applications
Concord Consortium

Explore Learning  (Online interactive math and science activities

Game Maker/ Game Maker's Apprentice

If you have some time to browse, I have two blogs that have a wealth of links
and resources about interactive multimedia technology. You can do a search on
the blogs to find the posts that pertain to math.

The Math Tools website is a good resource- I'll put a link to this site from my

My last comment:
The game approach works for me as a middle-aged female computer student.  I'm
taking AI for Game Development. Our class is using the same text that is used in
traditional AI courses (Russell and Norvig). The main difference is that all of
our homework assignments and projects are games. We are using Microsoft XNA
Express/Visual C#, and our games will be played on the XBox 360.  Our games must
have a positive social impact.


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