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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Topic 1 - Effective Software
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Subject:   Favorite software
Author: Alice
Date: Mar 16 2003
Hi everyone,
My name's Alice and I teach high school in California. I teach at risk kids
heterogeniously from remedial to honors in my Algebra 1 and Geometry
My favorite software is GSP 4.0, geometer's sketchpad. I use it for Algebra
My students use it for brainstorming, designing, teaching each other, learning
from me etc. Students come up with pretty accurate conjectures in geometry after
they insert a few commands and see the patterns that occur.
I also like the racing game Quarter Mile from Barnum software for practice. My
students compete with each other for prizes, graph their scores over time to see
the slope, and practice a certain skill when I suggest they need it.

I read the other comments, having signed on late today, Sunday,in CA so will
repeat what I like that others have suggested.

I also like java applets, games of all kinds,even the signed number race from
Fun  for practice, and the mathforum and google websites for
We use presentation software (Powerpoint), word processors, and spreadsheets
when we do projects.
We also use e-mail to send student work home to me when the computers aren't
working correctly.or if I want to grade their classwork
There's some software by Tom Snyder that's great. I've just seen it
demonstrated, but have not used it yet...Factory.
Then there's a brainstorming one called inspiration that, I'm told, is faster
than writing on the board when comparing atributes and other brainstorming
technigues to find out what students know.I just got it Friday and was
unsuccessful at speeding up during class. I guess I'll need to practice first!

But the demo at a convention I just went to was great.
I started writing my lessons on Powerpoint, and look organized to students when
I use the multimedia projector to present them. It is invaluable. I correct the
weak points after the lessons, so I'm improving as I go and they're ready for
next year...theoretically.  

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