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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Video for online course
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Subject:   Video Sources
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 21 2003
I have a few places you could look:
1. The Futures Channel, at < >. I don't necessarily
endorse this product, because I have found the math to be fairly low-level--
more gloss than substance--but they offer some fairly interesting motivational
video clips.  They have a whole series entitled "Interactions: Real Math, Real
Careers" that has slightly more substance--but mostly addressed to
middle-school level.  To get permission to download and include in an online
course would probably cost quite a bit of money (from my school's budget
perspective, at least).
2.  ESPN, of all groups, has put together videos with accompanying lesson
activities that do some introductory math (and physics!), featuring athletes as
spokespeople.  Vectors, velicities, right triangle trig, statistics, projectile
motion, and standing waves are some of the math topics.  On the internet:
< >.  Or, write ESPN Cable in the Classroom Dept., ESPN Plaza,
Bristol, CT 06010, tel. 860-285-2000.
3.  "Films for the Humanities, Inc.", tel. 800-257-5126, has some talking
head (or talking robot, which my students find laughable--) videos.  We have a
6-video set featuring quadratics.  I confess I haven't used them since I first
saw student responses when used in another teacher's class.

Whatever videos you use, of course, copyright laws become significant.

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