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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Topic 1 - Effective Software
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Subject:   software - math concepts?
Author: Suzanne
Date: Apr 18 2003
Hi Gail,

On Mar 30, 2003, Gail wrote:

My students enjoy using I Love Math by DK.  I like the software because it
reviews some history (cradles of civilization) as well as mathematical ideas.
We also explore a BBC website called the Maths File, which has interactive games
on a variety of math topics, leveled, with background information and printable
sheets to accompany the games.

I wasn't familiar with the software, I Love Math, but I found it here on the

I'm interested to know if you think this is an accurate description:

"I Love Math is a spectacular animated time-travel adventure. No matter what
your child’s level of math comprehension, I Love Math will reinforce skills in
key curriculum areas, increase understanding of concepts such as fractions,
geometry, and measurements, and develop the real-world math and
critical-thinking skills essential to success in school and beyond."

Would you use this software to introduce a concept? or for enrichment? or maybe
review? How do you think it helps your students learn?


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