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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Copyright and copying wrongs
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Subject:   after visiting the links:
Author: gayla
Date: Sep 17 2003
Thanks for providing the links.  They're great.  I've visited them now.  Of
course, ideas are not patentable or copyrightable, but anyone who takes an idea
that came from someone else's brain and presents it as something that came from
their brain, is a worm.  A second thought is about explicit permission being
needed to use a photo, or a quote.  That may be true, but it is not entirely
reasonable, because time is too often a factor, and it can be difficult to get
in touch with people.  To put something on the worldwide web is to knowingly
give the world access to it, and to demand absolute rigid rules of use seems
unreasonable.  I really hope that people will want to use my photos from time to
time, in a way that gives me credit, without bothering me about it.  They're out
there to used, properly.  On the other hand, I invariably ask permission to use
a photo, or a quote.  It really IS a difficult issue.  But, for instance, if I
wanted to protect my photos from being electronically "stolen", the easy answer
would be to simply keep them off the web.  It seems reasonable to expect clear
credit to be given when one's work is used for small-scale nonprofit,
noncommercial uses, with explicit permission required for anything

I hope you get responses from more people than just me.  

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