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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: Readings Ch1 &2
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Subject:   Readings Ch1 &2
Author: sshs
Date: Oct 25 2005
I agree with the idea that students must multiple representations of a concept
in order to make the connections and understanding as a whole. I aslo think the
statements that mathematics is still generally taught in the process method and
needs to be changed makes sense.  However, as much as most of us would like to
change it is a very difficult process.  I feel the need to rethink my teaching
style, but I am struggling with finding the time in and out of the classroom to
successfully do so.  I am trying to use more multiple representations and help
students make those critical connections, but I find that these lessons take me
way out of my comfort zone.  For the last 5 years I have incorporated much more
into my lessons, but I am not sure a. if its working effectively and b. how to
incorporate more without sacrificing content.

The difficulty it seems to me is not using multiple representations but in
making sure the students make the proper connections between them.  The graphing
calculators have made it easier, but as the reading alluded to they need to used
as a tool.  I have had  a lot of training using them but still feel like I don't
often do a good job with them.
Using other technology such as the Smart Board or School Pad might help.  These
tools allow teachers to engage in more discussion and less low level
questioning, but requires more time and there use often leads to areas outside
the lesson.  This is hard for some teachers me included who are worried about
covering the curriculum in a limited amount of time.
Another area that I found interesting was the comment on teachers needing to
re-learn the content of what I teach using multiple representations.  I feel
like that is me.

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