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Discussion: Traffic Jam Applet tool
Topic: SmartBoard
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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: Alessandra
Date: May 27 2007
Hi  I have been using a smartboard this year....found a number of websites that
are interactive for math.  Hope these are useful.
(this is a library of virtual manipulatives
          for all grades)
(British site –   anything to do with whole numbers
                                 fractions, decimals, percentage
                                                    handling data
          has fact sheet, worksheets  printable     quizzes on line
          tutor info)
(pre-algebra skills, factoring, fractions, math puzzles)
(games to increase +/-/x/div skills  timed and untimed
different skill levels)
   ( number and operation
    geometry  algebra   probability   statistics modeling  discrete)
interactive math puzzles
animated proof of Pythagorean theorem
     math webquests -  a math project done online using online   resources
(comprehensive conversion utility -   ie pounds to kilograms
                                                                Fahrenheit to
(demonstrates the Pythagorean theorem - interactive
has real world application problems (2)
template to make pyramid – find height of pyramid using Pythagoras
positive/neg numbers   given certain numbers on calc must
arrive at target number using keys available  
working backwards/practicing math facts  using real numbers
and x2
timed and 6 levels
math vocab for all strands hangman
individual or as a class numbers game to use high low numbers to get to target
number     use  +/=/x/div      closest to number gets points/prize php
“concentration game – geometry/fraction to percents/multi facts
fraction to whole
test yourself on function machines  10 questions
test yourself on number properties   10 questions
links to measuring with a ruler or protractor
              straight like graphs
              rotational symmetry
              pie charts
              linear equations       and more

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