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Discussion: Circle 3 tool
Topic: Re: Circle 3
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Subject:   Re: Circle 3
Author: Suzanne
Date: Feb 8 2004
Hi Jeanette,

At first I was sure that you were right and that Circle 3 was just impossible to
play. For some reason ('s really because I'm pretty stubbon!) I just
selected "new game" and this time I decided to move the different numbers that I
could move into the circles so that I had them arranged from least to greatest.
For some reason that helped me make some decisions.

You might try that strategy. Also, don't stay on the same puzzle, if you have
tried and tried with one, just select "new game" and try another.

Do you know any middle school students that might try this? I'd be interested to
know how they feel about it.


P.S. Isn't it nice to have a link to the corresponding tool now! It was great to
be able to go right to that tool in order to try it and understand what you were
talking about.

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