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Discussion: All Topics on Computer
Topic: Overview of eNLVM eModules -- Wednesday

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Subject:   After-action review of Wednesday
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 10 2005
In this session, we acted as students and used the "Perimeter and Area"

We were able to discuss functionality, appearance, what kind of thinking went
into sequencing, and other issues about lesson design, as well as practice
working with eNLVM.  We also saw how to review (for possible assessment) student
responses, through a "table" view and through a re-constructed quiz view.
Apparently there was some problem with an "in-context" view.  The nice thing
about working through this activity with teachers and developers present is that
developers could respond immediately to teacher concerns and questions.  For my
own purposes, I noted several different ways the GeoBoard applet from NLVM was
used; sometimes with area coloring possible, sometimes not; sometimes with
measuring capabilities, sometimes not.  It gave me ideas for how to work with
other technology tools!

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