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Discussion: All Tools in Calculus on Computer
Topic: DE Software

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Subject:   RE: DE Software
Author: scruff
Date: Aug 13 2005
On Aug 12 2005, scruff wrote:
> I have used the software Differential Systems by Herman Gollwitzer
> for MANY years. I am interested in a similar package. I am not
> interested in Maple (we have it), Matlab , etc

What features
> resulted in me using this for 15 years?
  - no manual required
> no programming required
  - independent of textbook
  - available
> in MAC format
  - just type , point and click

This software was
> reviewed by Keith Devlin in 1990 after I gave a
brief demo. He
> said, and I still agree, that it was just what we need
in the
> classroom

No frills. Does about every (graphical ) thing you
> could want in an
intro DE course. VERY inexpensive. And anyone
> with a basic knowledge
of ODE's would not need assistance OR a
> manual.

It is outdated but I have found nothing close to it in
> simplicity and
still plenty powerful enough for an intro course
> Any information on similar software would be greatly appreciated
> Thank you
kevin farrell
 let me try again

Generic software specifically for ODEs and systems
Cheap ,very easy to use , text independent mac compatible
I.e. HG's software updated!

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